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Black Mirrors high quality.

 2 round big black Mirrors 29.50 cm diameter and 2 round small ones 24.50 cm diameter.

I use a slightly concave glass, everything is made out of 100% natural materials (black iron pigments, lin oil).

It is made in the bardon style, but in an evolutive way, which is in my opinion, far more powerfull, and even more universal. But I don't use animal materials. I include sulfur and aluminum in the fluidic condensator, this last one in order to reach element air and Uranus far more easely.
It can keep for a long time a very high dose of energy and can be used to :
  • gaze into past, present, future,
  • communication with entities, evocation
  • acquire a quality, a psychic power,
  • scrying
  • communication with dead people, your guide,
  • opening a vortex
  • attracting various qualities like luck, success, money...
  • It can accumulate any kind of energy (electric, magnetic, elements, planets, sephiroth, zodiac ...)
  • Chat with another magus
  • Use it as a big talisman, since you can paint over it an erase the inscriptions after.
  • Amplification of psychic energy sent through the mirror.
It's really a swiss tool.
On demand tincture of gold can be added during confection, manganese (solar and martial metal), clay.
A specific mirror can be done, like a earth mirror, a venussian mirror, or solar, etc ... with the appropriate fluidic condensator. Solar mirror uses more gold and the price is higher.

To get one => salazius @


Two sizes are available : 29.50 cm diameter & 24.50 cm. 

The glass is concave and a bit flat on the top, the fluidic condensator is universal, made in the authentic tradition of magick and Hermetics.

As artisanal confection it requires a delay. It can vary between two or three weeks (depending of the moon and other conditions). Each mirror is made for his recipient. I like to know a bit more about you and your path in order to make a link between you and your mirror. The back of the miror looks like "lava" and can have some cracks, all this is normal. It is made partically with pure beeswax and suffer from heat (more than 40°C or long exposure to the sun). As a piece of glass it is normally fragile. 

A free explainatory pdf of 40 pages, is also delivered. In order for you to know how to work and use your mirror, and also how to properly handle it, in the best possible conditions.

Warning : A mirror is a very specific magickal tool, which asks to be mastered with time and practice. And the time required depends on the person and the efforts engaged. 

The possibilities of such tool are almost limiteless, it respond to your imagination and will (intention). 
It is a living entity and requires to be handle as such. I require of every owner of a mirror to extensively read and integrate the pdf. 

The mirror is made only after the integrality of the payment is received. 

Return and refounds : 
- For a return there is a retraction delay of 14 days as states the internet buying law in France. Before return, you have to contact me and send me a dated photography of the mirror. Your return charges are yours. The refound do not include my sending charges. Example : You paid 145, I'll refound you 130.

- For a lost package or broken mirror by the posts office. Unfortunately, if, by all my efforts it would happen, I would not be able to refound you.

You can choose your own sending options and choose UPS of Fedex ... but you pay the price. 

Prices & options :

Black Mirror 29.5 cm : 130 euros
Black Mirror 24.5 cm : 100 euros

Plus Spagyrical Elixir of Mandragora + 20 euros.
Plus Spagyrical Elixir of gold + 15 euros.
Plus Spagyrical Elixir of Valerian + 12 Euros.

Mandragora is a plant of power and lead you to the underground worlds. It also offers a real protection. It is an initiatic plant in magick. It considerably highten the power of the mirror. "Salt" Principle symbolically.

Valerian offers a relaxing capacity, alike an hypnotic induction at the energetical level, facilitating the perceptions and visions. "Mercury" Principle symbolically.

Spagyrical Elixir of gold is of a great quality and is made by a smooth extraction without acids nor strong bases. It offers a great solar presence of high level. And creates a link with the higher realms. It helps to make the contact with high intelligences and spirits. It is a universal fluidic capacitor. It helps the mirror to rise in vibrations. "Sulfur" Principle symbolically.

All these Elixirs are made by myself in my laboratory.

See also :
- The wood easel, modified especially for theround mirrors and painted in black, mat at 28 euros.
- Only on special command : the wood shielded suit case with high qulity red velvet : 200 euros.

You can pay by Western Union, paypal, check, or bank transfer.
By paypal (+6% of the amount). You can pay in two times if necessary. For this, contact me.

Shipping for France : 15 euros. For somewhere else in the world 35 euros.

What's more ? These two links will give you more informations and photographies : 

Testimonials :

This is a testimonial of a Shaman to whom I've sended a big Mirroir with Condensator :

"So far I have only used it to amplify the remote healing sessions I am performing, and it works very well as far as I can subjectively tell. I haven't yet had the chance to use it for other applications.
I've been using Salazius' mirror for amplification of remote healing energy sessions, which I perform for multiple clients at once (but only after everyone has had a personal shamanic journey with me).
I am placing small face pictures of all participants on the mirror, facing down (towards the mirror), and I visually focus my healing energy on the center of the mirror.

I have client testimonials of increased efficiency of my remote sessions, such as almost almost complete disappearance of chemotherapy side-effects for some cancer patients, and on some occasions even tumors disappearing or being significantly reduced in size BEFORE chemotherapy, when using the mirror for amplification. I plan to use/test it in other ways as well, but this is what I can verify so far."

From Jeremy K from Illinois :

"I just wanted to vouch for the quality of Salazius's mirrors. They are quite powerful and can be programmed via intent to be used for many purposes.

I was once using the mirror to 'beam' healing energy to a friend while she was laying down in a dark room. After a few moments and passes of the mirror I began to 'see' the energy body of her through the back side of the mirror, this vision appeared to my physical eyes as far as I can tell. It appeared as a dimly lit silver to white smokey light.

She noticed the same effect while using the mirror on me. IMO the mirror is very high quality orgone accumulator with the capacity to create an energy portal or vortex via the intent of the alchemist. So you could think of it as a radionics machine with an attached orgone accumulator(for those who are familiar with these devices) that is programmed through the mind and will of the user, rather than with dials and knobs.

Because of this, I've used my mirror to charge some alchemical tinctures before consumption. I've also used the mirror to project mantras or spiritual archetypes throughout my living space whenever I've felt it necessary to do so. I accomplished this by keeping the mirror on a "decorative plate display" with an picture or statue of the archetypal energy I would like to project placed directly behind the mirror."

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